The chisel pointer works under the same concept as the stake pointer-to sharpen the end of your material.  However, on the chisel pointer, rather than having a point that resembles a pencil point, the chisel pointer makes points that resembles a "V"or a two sided stake.  You can see that by looking at the picture below of the cutters used to cut the material.  When these two cutters are placed together they form a "V" which is exactly how the end of your material will look.  A majority of our customers send material through the chisel pointer that ranges in size from 3/4" to 7" wide.  Once through the chisel pointer it will get placed on a conveyor belt that takes it to the single arbor ripsaw where the material is cut into stake sized widths.
*Heavy Duty Construction

*34 Cycles per Min.

*Feed rate with 10 HP motor

*Variable speed air powered feed system

*Anti-kick back gate
*Thickness-3/4" to 2"

*Length-12" to 72"

*Width-3/4" to 7" (standard)
        Optional: can specialize for material up to 12"
We also offer an automated chisel pointer which utilizes a stop switch that activates a pusher arm to push the material through the cutters.  Our manual chisel pointer (listed above) requires at least one person to lay the board onto the deck and press the foot pedal which then activates the pusher arm and pushes the material through the cutters.  The material on an automatic chisel pointer is fed in by a conveyor belt.  The machines look exactly alike, which is why there are no pictures in this section, but the features are slightly different and are listed to the right hand side.
*Variable Speed Air-powered feed system

*Adjustable Spring Loaded Hold Down System

*Table adjusts for different stake thickness

*34 Cycles per Minute

*Feed Rate with 10 HP

*Stop Switch to activate Pusher

*Anti-Kick Back Fingers

same capacity as the manual chisel pointer