5 Blade Trimsaw
*Heavy Duty Constrution
*4x8x1/4 adn 4x6x3/8 Tubing
*4x4 Chain Dog Cross Tubes- 1 Tube for Dog Retrn
*1 Tube for Sawdust
*Adjustable Air Powered Hold Down Assembly
*Variable Speed Hyd. Feed System
* Gear Drive Individual Blade Adjustments

*6" Hgih x 10" Wide Cutting Capacity
* 18" Wide x 20' Long Conveyor
*7 1/2" Dia. Conveyor Rolls
* 4x8x1/4 Saw Arms Which Hinges in up Position with Safety Lock When Not in Use.
* 28" to 16' Capacity
Other Great Features:
* 5 blade safety shields with Hinged Door for Blade Removal and Dust Outlet on top

*Drive Assembly Mount Assembly

*Safety Shield Assembly

*Push Dog Design-Dog Pushes Board onto Converyor

* 1 1/2 Hinge Pin

* Saw Hinges up with Hyd. Cylinder When Not in Use

* Reduction in Kickback

* Each Blade has 12" Offset so One Blade Cuts at a Time